Media for a Connected World

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Want to go global with your music, video, ebook, or MOOC digital media? GO GLOBAL with your English media as your first step! One Plus Two Media is the exclusive licensor of Tertia’s advanced media platform to enable people worldwide to communicate in English, and for native English speakers we provide media in key “hub languages” that enables them to communicate in a second or third language.

We got our name from a European Union movement that encourages every citizen of the EU to speak their native language plus two more. We deliver:

  • BIGGEST AUDIENCE: One Plus Two Media targets the largest and most affluent audience on the planet – the 2 Billion people that speak English as a second language. They outnumber native English speakers 4-1 worldwide.
  • VALUE FOR THE VIEWER: Our approach also delivers English media to the global ESL market in a way that scalably improves their English literacy levels at the same time. So if your objective it to teach, inform, sell, or educate, it is more valuable  to improve the global language skills necessary for a better job, or to get better test results. In many cases, this literacy improvement feature is more valuable to the viewer than the media itself.
  • ENABLED CONVERSATIONS: A conversation requires people speaking the same language. If you want a global conversation instead of just reaching a global audience, start with people worldwide that speak English.

Partner with One Plus Two to produce and distribute ESL-friendly media worldwide!